what is sole fitness?

sole fitness is a community of women striving to live a full life through health, fitness, and shameless living. by nourishing our souls and seeking the source of our identity, our goal is to strengthen our hearts, minds, and bodies together. through group fitness classes, at-home training plans, local events, and community engagement, our hope is that we would own our worth and walk empowered towards truth.we hope to know you better as you join us for this journey!


meet the founder

kathryn benko

founder + coach


what started as a seemingly harmless desire to get healthy and watch my calorie intake soon turned into an addiction to weight loss, body image, and years of an eating disorder. this battle ultimately took me down a long path of self-destruction... but also spiritual awakening.


after a long and drawn out process of admission, recovery, and transparency, i began to hear from other women that i was certainly not alone in my shameful feelings and negative actions towards my body. this sparked a passion and purpose to help other women who might be going through those same shameful experiences. ironically, my vehicle for change was the same one which had originally started me down that path: fitness. only this time, i was determined to redefine what it meant to truly live a healthy and full life. which is why sole fitness was born. my dream is to speak life into & unify women through health, fitness, and of course... shameless living.

sole workouts

get ready to sweat with your #solesisters!

part of loving the skin you're in is moving your body in a healthy way. we believe that fitness is not meant to hinder our view of body image, but instead it is there to empower us in our strength and inner woman. 

sole hosts group workouts every week for all fitness levels! the workout itself includes strength + conditioning movements, within a group boot camp style. you don't want to miss out on getting a good sweat in along with some of the coolest ladies out there. 

heart + sole

be encouraged today, sole sister!

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