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“What is a situation in your life that you don’t believe God has the power to change?”

Suddenly the bustle of a busy fro-yo shop fell silent as a bunch of young adults sat huddled in a circle for community group pondering the depth and vulnerability of that question. Answers came spilling out as we discussed with each other, but it wasn’t until later that evening when I was driving home that I realized the answer I gave in the circle wasn’t fully the answer of my heart. I opened up to my community about how I don’t trust God to fully heal my situation or protect my future and while that’s true, God spoke gently to my weakened heart and said “its not that you don’t trust my ability to do those things… its that you don’t trust my ability to do those things for YOU.” And He was right.

I love the Lord with all my heart. I read his promises and proclaim them with victory and fervor over the lives of my friends, family and community, but sometimes, if I’m honest- its easier for me to proclaim them over my people, but not believe them for me. I know that God has a hope and a future for his people. I know God is working all things together for good. I know God is for us never against. I believe it. I write it. I read it. I preach it… for others... but when I’m in my everyday grind and not seeing those promises readily come to fruition... I doubt that He really meant those promises for me too.

But the truth is… God ordained the words of Scripture to be constructed over 2000 years ago with YOU in mind. With YOUR hurt, circumstance, doubt, disbelief. He saw your miscarriage, break up, job loss, death, failure and mess and penned the words of Hope that is unending. Peace that is unceasing. Love that is unfailing. Joy that is everlasting. Goodness that keeps coming and Victory that can’t be defeated. Yes, He meant it for the whole wide world… but He meant it for you too.

The star-breathing God of the universe knows your name, your voice, your attitude, your humor, your mannerisms your everything. He knows you. Loves you. Is fighting for you and with you. We can proclaim those truths over our tribe because they are true AND we can proclaim them over ourselves because they are STILL true for us too. So shout it from the rooftops, be that shoulder to lean on, but remember the words of encouragement you speak out… speak in… because they bring you life too. The God we proclaim for others is the God we can trust for our mess too. He is the God of the world… and the God of OUR world too. Believe Him. For He truly is a good good Father.

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