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sole sister spotlight: rita griep

Introducing the one & only, Rita Griep! This Sole Sister is a one-of-a-kind, with the most evident gifts of hospitality, compassion, and unconditional love. Not to mention, she is beautiful both inside and out!

First, let’s chat about Rita’s unbelievable heart for people. Y’all, it’s UNREAL. She is the world’s best wife to her hubby Zach and the coolest/most caring mom to Skylar and Logan. But those aren’t the only people she cares for in her home. Rita and Zach open their home and temporary foster parents, taking children into their house and treating them like their own. Rita shows Jesus to these children, even if only for a short while, in the most impactful way - loving them where they are at right now. Not only that, but she also opens up her home to anyone who needs a warm place to crash for a few days or a temporary room to call their own. Talk about the gift of hospitality!

Second, Rita feels everything. And I mean that in the best way. Her sincere compassion shines through in every interaction you have the privilege of encountering with her. She weeps when you weep, laughs when you laugh, questions when you doubt, and loves without limits.

Okay now let’s just chat about her BEAUTY. You guys - Rita is literally jaw-droppingly gorgeous, both inside and out! It’s obvious when you look at her, and even more obvious once she shares her heart with you. But here’s the clincher… her job is making other women feel beautiful too! Rita is a Beauty Counter specialist, with a serious gift in empowering women to feel lovely in their own skin. Sit down with her for a makeover or let her rock your skin-care world. You will leave feeling refreshed and renewed!

Everything above and so many more reasons more are what make Rita such an intricate and irreplaceable piece of the Sole Fitness community. We LOVE us some Rita Griep and cannot wait to see all that God has in store for this Sole Sister!

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