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sole sister spotlight: ashley bowers

I feel like I don’t even need to introduce this #solesister because she is like the Mayor of Wilmington - everyone knows Ashley Bowers! And if they don’t yet, then they are about to...

Ashley boldly made the move to this coastal town two years ago to tell students at UNCW who Jesus is, how He has radically changed her life, and how He could do the same for them. How did she do this? Through relationships. Ashley is like a PROfessional friend - in that she is not afraid to get down to business when it comes to truly knowing someone. What’s her secret? Showing up. If you need Ashley, that girl is there before you even have time to ask. She shows up, she’s fearless with sharing her heart, and she’s a comfortable soul to share your story with.

Aside from her gift of being a bomb friend, Ashley also has the undeniable gift of singing. Man, that girl has some PIPES. Don’t believe me? Just show up to The Bridge Church for a Sunday morning service, and you’ll see this beautiful lady belting it out on stage all for the God’s glory.

If you don’t go see Ashley on stage at The Bridge Church, then definitely grab a cup of coffee from her at Drift Coffee + Kitchen. This little barista can serve you up a mean cup of joe, always with a smile on her face. Any stranger who walks into this local coffee shop leaves as Ashley Bowers’ friend. It’s science.

Where else can you find Ashley in Wilmington? This chick loves to workout, and she gets her sweat on at the amazing Axis Fitness + Training. She is a huge part of what they call the #AxisFam. Not only does she give it her all during their group training class, but she also seeks to truly KNOW the coaches and members in that place. You can often find her outside of the gym grabbing lunch or coffee with a member of her fitness family.

When asked how Jesus sees her, Ashley said that He sees her as a perfect creation made beautiful to reflect His glory here on earth. Which is SO TRUE! Ashley is His daughter, whom He loves and is so very pleased with! She also said that her favorite thing about Jesus is His faithfulness. In her own words, “I can trust Him even when I can’t trust myself.”

And trust US when we say that Ashley Bowers is a 10/10! If you don’t know her yet, get to know her! You will be all the more blessed by having this Sole Sister in your life.

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